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xclean washing fluid

xCLEAN washing Solvent for All Resin-based 3D Printers

xCLEAN is an effective and environmentally friendly washing solvent designed to work consistently with most photopolymer 3D printers and resin systems available on the market.

xCLEAN has three times the saturation limit of IPA, meaning less waste and fewer changeovers for additive manufacturers. xCLEAN is safer to handle than other cleaning solvents during 3D printing post-processing and does not require any special storage or adherence to shipping regulations typically associated with post-processing photopolymeric parts.  Compatible with most cleaning systems on the market, xCLEAN is made from smaller molecules than TPM or DPM, eliminating the greasy residue typically associated with these 3D printing post-processing materials.

xCLEAN can be easily recycled and recovered with a vacuum-assist solvent distillation unit and is compatible with most automated washing units on the market today, including closed-loop systems. xCLEAN is not cleared for use when cleaning parts printed from biocompatible resins, and customers are advised to follow wash recommendations closely to preserve the material’s biocompatibility.

Unique Features
  • Sustainable: Lasts 3X longer than isopropyl alcohol with less waste and fewer changeovers
  • Effective: Eliminates the greasy residue typically associated with TPM or DPM 
  • Compatible: Works quickly with most resin cleaning systems on the market



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xCLEAN Safety

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