How to Use 3rd-Party Materials on the Professional 3D Printer—XiP

Selecting the right materials for your 3D printer can make or break your 3D printer. While we’ve worked closely with the industry leaders on validated materials for XiP – the world’s first ultrafast desktop 3D printer – the beauty of an open platform printer is to allow users to experiment and validate their own resins. That’s why XiP is completely open for use with 3rd party resins. Upgrading from another platform but still have several containers of their resin and want to learn to use that on XiP?

Luckily, Taylor Hardy of Elk3D has already been experimenting with 3rd party resins on XiP and is ready to share. Watch as we discuss the material options on XiP both verified and open, and how to get started using 3rd party resins on XiP.

What are we talking about?
– Overview of validated materials
– How to access XiP’s open material mode
– Why do open materials in 3D printing?
– Real-world examples