Produce Fast, Functional Prototypes with Freeform Injection Molding

In this webinar, our partners, Jeremy Smith and Clifford Green from Alpine Advanced Materials share how their full-service engineering and manufacturing firm uses Freeform Injection Molding (FIM) with high-performance materials to help aerospace and defense customers rapidly optimize design before high-volume production. Challenged with the inability to 3D print a filled material, Alpine implemented FIM in order to deliver fast, functional, and cost-effective prototypes to its customers.

Hear real-world examples of how FIM not only enabled Alpine’s customers to quickly iterate and develop their designs but also test them with production-level performance, and learn how Alpine leveraged FIM to develop and deliver 80 injection molded prototypes in just 10 days.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How Freeform Injection Molding works
  • The benefits of using FIM to develop prototypes
  • Things to consider when implementing FIM in your own design or production process
  • How programs like Moldex3D can simulate mold flow and improve FIM mold design

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