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Nexa3D launches the first of its new magazine series

Tyler Rex

VENTURA, CA, August 5, 2021Join Nexa3D in its mission to shatter 3D printing productivity, democratize access to production polymers and digitize the world’s supply chains sustainably.

To help usher in a more sustainable manufacturing era, pioneer of ultrafast polymer 3D printing technology Nexa3D has announced the first issue of its new magazine series, The Nexa Level. The magazine shares exclusive expertise from several industry innovators and members of the Nexa3D team, on topics ranging from supply chain sustainability to 3D printing materials. The magazine can be downloaded for free on Nexa3D’s website here.

It’s no secret that the manufacturing industry is under increased pressure to dramatically reduce its carbon footprint, with raw materials, transportation, and manufacturing processes all now under the spotlight. Nexa3D’s new magazine tackles this challenge head-on, exploring how 3D printing can empower manufacturers to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to the circular economy.

“As the fourth industrial revolution sweeps the globe, manufacturers are shifting towards a more digitized industry, where 3D printing will play a crucial role in transforming production processes and improving sustainability,” explained Avi Reichental, co-founder, chairman and CEO of Nexa3D. “We are excited to announce the first in our new magazine series, which will shine a light on these discussions and put additive manufacturing under the microscope.”

The new magazine shares insights from several of Nexa3D’s partners, including SmarTech Analysis, DELRAY Systems, Henkel and Castor, as well as different members of its team. The magazine also offers an interactive element — readers can take part in an F1 challenge with Williams Racing to see how many parts they can build in the time that it takes to complete a race. Once the reader has their answer, they can then head to Nexa3D’s social channels and submit their answers.

Nexa3D’s technology covers the end-to-end workflow — its NXE400 system offers 20x productivity improvements at comparable quality to injection molding, while its NexaX 2.0 software suite has in-built artificial intelligence (AI) tools to optimize designs for a manufacturer’s unique requirements. This fully digital workflow can help reduce costs, improve yields and reduce the environmental impact of the manufacturing process.

Download the magazine, The Nexa Level, here for free to find out what steps you can take to start your circular journey.

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Nexa3D is passionate about digitizing supply chain sustainably. The company makes ultrafast polymer 3D printers, that deliver 20X productivity advantage, affordable for professionals and businesses of all sizes. The company’s photoplastic printers are powered by its proprietary Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc) and its thermoplastic printers are powered by Quantum Laser Sintering (QLS).  The company’s partnerships with world-class material suppliers unlock the full potential of additively manufactured polymers for volume production. The company’s NexaX proprietary software platform optimizes the entire production cycle through process interplay algorithms to ensure part performance and production consistency, while minimizing material usage and waste, reducing energy and carbon footprints. For more information, please visit

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