Xometry Joins QLS 820 Manufacturing Partner Network

Tyler Rex

We are excited to announce a third installation of our high-throughput laser sintering platform, the QLS 820. Xometry is the latest manufacturing service provider to join the QLS 820 Manufacturing Partner Network. Other QLS service providers include Quickparts and JawsTec.

Xometry Joins QLS 820 Manufacturing Partner Network

“Our customers have the need for higher-volume, production-grade 3D printed components that can be sourced quickly and cost-efficiently, and we look forward to delivering on those needs in the coming months with Nexa3D’s laser sintering technology.”

– Randy Altschuler, Chief Executive Officer at Xometry

With the highest part throughput in its class, the QLS 820 is designed for higher volume production and higher temperature processing of thermoplastic components. It represents a new class of powder bed technology that combines ultrafast printing with open materials and cloud-based software to deliver production volumes that are orders of magnitude greater than other powder-bed solutions on the market. Its quad-laser powers print speeds of up to 8L per hour and average packing density of 20%, delivering up to 4x productivity gains over other SLS systems. Coupled with its large build volume of 350 x 350 x 400mm, 50–200-micron Z resolution, it is arguably the most powerful thermoplastic additive production solution on the market.

high-throughput laser sintering platform, the QLS 820
QLS 820 Parts

The system offers an open and automation-ready platform that is technology-agnostic and adaptable to integrations ranging from MES and ES systems to modular post-processing solutions. The QLS Command Center is a large touchscreen control station, powered by NexaX software, enabling fleet management, print preparation, and real-time printer status and print performance all from a single centralized location.

The QLS 820 platform delivers a polymer-based production comparable to traditional injection molding without the design constraints, costly tooling investments, and extended lead-times. The system currently works with standard materials such as PA11 and PA12 — and is also compatible with higher-temperature materials, such as PA6, at processing temperatures of up to 240 degrees Celsius.

The QLS 820 Manufacturing Network Program was launched last year with Quickparts and JawsTec as foundational partners. We are continuing to expand our partner network with the addition of Xometry and other high utilization customers to follow. Learn more about the QLS 820 laser sintering platform by downloading the Powder Bed Fusion Technical Guide below.

QLS 820 Production Readiness

Download the full guide.