Weerg Offers Quick-Turn Resin 3D Printing Service by Installing Four NXE 400Pro Printers

Tyler Rex

Europe’s largest digital manufacturing service providers, Weerg, recently invested in four NXE 400Pro 3D printers and is now able to offer quick-turn resin 3D printing services in as fast as three days to customers throughout Europe.

Nexa3D + Weerg

Weerg added the four printers to its 6,000 sqm 3D printing facility in Venice, Italy and is now offering resin 3D printing services in variety of of both prototyping and engineering-grade materials. The team at Weerg chose Nexa3D’s technology over other industrial options because of its unrivaled throughput – a benefit of having both the largest build volume and the fastest print speed in its class.

“We chose the NXE 400Pro platform because it enables us to deliver high-quality, durable prototypes and low-volume production components faster and more cost-effectively. We are proud of our highly automated manufacturing processes, from instant online quoting to quick-turn production services, and Nexa3D technology will enable us to more efficiently scale our 3D printing operations.”

– Francesco Zanardo, Chief Operating Officer at Weerg

NXE 400Pro 3D Printer Fleet at Weerg
A fleet of NXE 400Pros at Weerg’s facility in Venice, Italy.

The NXE 400Pro delivers industry-leading productivity levels that are ideal for same-day prototyping and low volume production applications. Powered by the patented Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc) technology and structured light matrix, the NXE 400Pro printers deliver up to 20x productivity gains over SLA and DLP-based printers. Additionally, the NXE 400Pro uses an open material platform opening doors to virtually limitless material possibilities along with a fully validated set of over 30 high performance resins.

Weerg worked with our Italian reseller, 3DZ to test and validate the NXE 400Pro for various production applications. The 3DZ application engineering team was pivotal in working with Weerg engineers to help identify the best resin-based 3D printing solution to reliably and repeatedly produce high-quality polymer components. Weerg ultimately identified the NXE 400Pro as the best industrial 3D printer for their quick-turn production needs.

Weerg 3D printed parts
An xABS3843 sample part printed on the NXE 400Pro

Interested in learning more about the NXE 400Pro? Request a free sample part or find a local distributor to learn more.