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The Nexa3D Story: What Drives Us to Deliver the Best in 3D Technology?

Tyler Rex

by Avi Reichental

When you’re passionate about realizing the potential of something, life can get a whole lot more interesting — and our days at Nexa3D are very much that! We’re a group of dedicated thought leaders with years of experience in the additive manufacturing sphere who believe in the transformative power and unlimited potential of 3D printing. We’re committed to bringing this important technology to more and more industries across the globe, not only because businesses will benefit but because the world deserves and demands it. Our 3D printers are the world’s fastest, and with them, manufacturers across the world can realize greater opportunities, added value, and the potential for exponential growth.

Who We Are

Today’s manufacturer is faced with endless odds and countless challenges, so managing supply chains is crucial to success. Additive manufacturing has helped businesses in dozens of industries do so, but 3D printing as we know it still suffers numerous pain points — low productivity, high overall costs, and inconsistent performance — that can keep companies from realizing goals.

Nexa3D was founded in the summer of 2016 in direct response to that. Our team of innovators has decades of experience in 3D printing, business development, project management, product and process design, human resources, entrepreneurship, and much more. Nexa’s Chairman and co-founder, Avi Reichental, has a long history in the world of additive manufacturing and is the personal holder of 35 patents. Years ago, Avi left his long-held corporate job with a packing materials company to join a small company struggling to make the most of a nascent technology: 3D printing. It was a move he has never regretted.

“I had a feeling this was my opportunity to take everything I’d learned and apply it to something much more meaningful,” reflects Avi. “I was fully aware that if I did so, I was more likely to fail than succeed. But I decided to go for it and have never looked back. It has been an incredible personal journey, and I’ve learned a great deal along the way.”

What the World Needs Now

Manufacturing and consumption are typically messy processes that can leave a lot behind, most of which we don’t want but must deal with. Supply chains are notoriously unfriendly to our environment, so managing them smartly, efficiently, and sustainably is of the utmost importance. Our goal of digitizing supply chains and employing circular economy design principles in everything we do is what keeps us motivated and driven, and our groundbreaking 3D printer technology is not only transforming the way supply chain management improves business but how it affects people and our planet.

Nexa3D’s additive manufacturing process can deliver products that use less material and function better than their conventional counterparts. It can reduce material, waste, and total manufacturing costs and deliver on-demand manufacturing that is distributed near customers, reducing quantities kept in inventory as well as shipping costs and the resultant carbon footprint. In short, Nexa3D technology can help you own more of your supply chain, more of the time, cleanly, economically, and quickly!

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