XiP Desktop 3D Printer Product Review

Nina Swienton

Earlier this year, Keypoint Intelligence, a renowned market research firm and independent tester, announced its Analyst Choice Award in the Additive Manufacturing (AM) category. The inaugural award for Fastest Compact Vat Photopolymerization System went to the Nexa3D XiP Desktop 3D Printer, recognized for its outstanding performance in speed and precision. We were honored to receive the award and can now share the full product review and test report.

According to the team at Keypoint Intelligence, the XiP stood out from the pack due to its large build volume and an open material platform with an extensive library of materials to support a variety of both prototyping and manufacturing applications. Additionally, Its auto-sensing and auto-fill resin system addresses a common challenge faced by other resin systems—running out of resin mid-job.

XiP Desktop 3D Printer
Keypoint Intelligence Additive Manufacturing Award

However, it was the exceptional speed results achieved by the XiP compared to its counterparts that secured its win of the 2023 Analyst Choice Award. “Right from the start of testing, it was evident that the Nexa3D XiP had a clear advantage in speed over the competition,” remarked Len Wolak, Senior Technician at Keypoint Intelligence. “We also found that object accuracy remained uncompromised, even at faster print speeds. In this class, there is no doubt about the productivity of the Nexa3D XiP.”

XiP Speed Test

Keypoint Intelligence, with over 60 years of experience, is the trusted resource for independent hands-on testing, lab data, and extensive market research in the digital imaging industry. Recognized for its unbiased information, analysis, and awards, Keypoint Intelligence empowers clients to make informed decisions, drive sales success, and achieve operational excellence. You can dive into the full report on the XiP Desktop 3D Printer here.

Keypoint Intelligence XiP Product Review

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