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Nexa3D and Williams Racing – the ultimate time machines

Tyler Rex


At Nexa3D, we are driven by speed. When you think of speed and technological excellence, there are few things more fitting than Formula One, the world’s fastest motorsport series and one of the greatest examples of transferring engineering excellence between race and road car.

It’s a sport that thrives on innovation, finding those crucial tenths-of-seconds to make cutting edge race cars go even faster. To steal time.

Formula One was one of the earliest adopters of 3D printing and additive manufacturing technology. Teams benefit from processes that allow them to produce intricate parts in lightweight polymer as quickly as possible, which allows the engineers to test the aerodynamic capabilities of their latest designs in the wind tunnel sooner.

Nexa3D is ensuring Williams Racing is not only focused on fast for the future with additive manufacturing but, with the recent introduction of a cost savings regulation and an ambitious target to become a net zero carbon sport by 2030, we are able to help them embrace the circular economy. What does that mean? Faster results at lower cost while minimizing material usage and waste.

Let us help you build your time machine.