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What Do We Mean by Circular Economy and What is its Impact?

Tyler Rex

by Avi Reichental

At Nexa3D, we want each of our clients to achieve a circular economy: that is, internal systems that operate without waste or inefficiency. We consider this goal in every phase of our design and delivery process, so our clients can look forward to utilizing the full benefits of faster, more efficient 3D printing. Here, learn more about the different areas of your business that could be tightened up to create a circular economy.

Minimizing Process Waste

Process waste will look different in every industry. In some cases, it’s wasted time. Waiting for a manufacturer to create a prototype for you, or using a typical slow 3D printer, can cause your company to lose valuable production time. In other cases, process waste refers to wasted materials, for instance, when you’re not able to make a prototype with the right materials.

Reducing Energy Consumption & Your Carbon Footprint

If you’re expending too much time and energy per part, you haven’t achieved a circular economy. How long does it take to make a part using a traditional analog system? How many people, machines, and other energy-consuming systems are involved? If you could cut that time down from weeks to minutes, you’d be going a long way towards reducing the carbon footprint of your business.

Our 3D Additive Manufacturing Company Can Help

Nexa3D is driven to create circular economies, ushering in a new age of streamlined efficiency for businesses in virtually every industry. Our 3D printing technology is so advanced; we believe that we are on the cusp of that new era.

We’ve developed 3D printers that can deliver up to 20x productivity gains. The first way they can do that is their speed – they’re able to complete in minutes what an injection molding facility would need weeks to accomplish. Because you can print just what you need, using a wide range of materials, there’s less wasted product, time, and energy. Best of all, you’re able to try out prototypes virtually as fast as you can design them, allowing you to get your innovations to market as quickly as possible.

Nexa3D works with businesses across industries, and our 3D printers have already greatly improved efficiency for countless companies, many of which have increased their turnaround times by 50%! So what are you waiting for?

Contact Nexa3D today to let us know where you see waste in your production system — and download our free eBook in the meantime. We’ll help you choose the perfect 3D printing system to tighten things up.