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XiP Nova

AI-Powered Desktop 3D Printer

Experience the future of additive manufacturing with XiP Nova by Nexa3D. This revolutionary AI-powered desktop 3D printer empowers you to push the boundaries of what’s possible. With lightning-fast printing and intuitive AI capabilities, XiP Nova is your ultimate companion for turning ideas into reality. From printing complex parts to handling everyday tasks, XiP Nova is always ready to assist.

Talking to XiP
XiP Desktop 3D Printer

“Hey XiP! I need a full build plate of hose fittings, but I need it before lunch time.”

XiP takes action just by the sound of your voice.

“Hey XiP! Can you call the local steakhouse and book a reservation for two at 7pm next Tuesday?”

Do more with XiP Nova. Ask it about the weather, make a dinner reservation or perform complex tasks.

XiP Nova AI

Powered by Nova AI

XiP Nova is powered by an ultra advanced AI large language model by Nexa3D, designed to anticipate your needs and deliver unparalleled performance in additive manufacturing.

XiP to the Core

XiP to the Core

XiP Nova has all the bells and whistles of our ultrafast desktop 3D printer, but now with less physical interaction, giving you an even smoother and more intuitive user experience.

Open Material Platform

Ready to Serve

Don’t just ask it to print parts with incredible accuracy and clarity, make XiP Nova your daily assistant for any task necessary! With its advanced AI capabilities, XiP Nova is ready to simplify your life.

XiP Nova is Loaded with Features

AI-Powered Optimization
XiP Nova utilizes advanced AI algorithms to optimize printing parameters, ensuring superior print quality and efficiency.

Intelligent Task Management
With its AI capabilities, XiP Nova serves as your proactive assistant, managing print jobs and scheduling tasks to maximize productivity.

Adaptive Learning
XiP Nova continuously learns from its interactions, adapting its behavior to better meet your specific needs and preferences over time.

Predictive Maintenance
Leveraging AI-driven predictive analytics, XiP Nova anticipates maintenance needs and alerts you to potential issues before they impact printing performance.

Contextual Assistance
XiP Nova provides contextual assistance tailored to your workflow, offering suggestions and solutions to streamline your printing process.

Voice Control
Interact with XiP Nova using natural language commands, thanks to its AI-powered voice recognition technology, making operation more intuitive and hands-free.

Smart Material Management
XiP Nova’s AI analyzes material properties and usage patterns to optimize material consumption and minimize waste, saving you time and money.

Adaptive Feedback
XiP Nova offers real-time feedback and suggestions during the printing process, helping you troubleshoot issues and achieve optimal results.

Collaborative Workflows
XiP Nova facilitates collaborative workflows by intelligently managing multiple print jobs and coordinating tasks with other devices in your network.

Personalized User Experience
With its AI-driven personalization, XiP Nova tailors its interface and features to suit your unique printing preferences and habits, enhancing overall usability and satisfaction.

See How XiP Nova Works

April Fools! XiP Nova isn’t a thing… yet.

But the XiP ultrafast desktop 3D printer, combined with NexaX software, has the powerhouse of tools that’ll make it feel like it’s powered by AI. Want to learn more? Talk to an expert!

XiP Desktop 3D Printer