Case Studies

3D printed molds of teeth

Keystone Industries Says ‘Incredible’ Speed of NXD 200 Spells Profit for Busy Dental Labs 

As one of the most trusted open-source resin suppliers in the industry, Keystone partners with 3D printer manufacturers, rigorously validating each printer to ensure it meets the necessary accuracy and quality parameters. Nexa3D’s NXD 200 not only met Keystone’s criteria–it provided a game-changing option for the dental industry.

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Motorola Prototypes Ready Within Minutes

Motorola Solutions utilizes 3D printers for the design and development of highly sophisticated communications devices for professional and mission-critical markets in the commercial, government and industrial segments. As the complexity and quality of their needs increased, they sought out a partner who could help them meet the quality standards and speeds required—and found that partner with Nexa3D.

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Bicycle on a hill side

PAKD UK Printing Bureau 3D Printer

When it comes to performance products, PAKT, a UK services and engineering bureau, understands that research and development timelines can give their clients a leg up on the competition. With the ultrafast NXE 400, they keep their client’s a step ahead.

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VUTS Machine Building 3D Printing

When traditional 3D printing technology failed to keep pace with the production speed of machine building business VUTS, the company turned to long-time partner Industrial Technology Systems s.r.o to find the answer.

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